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E-learning is a pedagogically based digital education, often customized according to the customer and their requirements.

There is a huge variation in how an e-learning can look and which LMS (Learning Management System) that the e-learning is connected to.
The simplest form of e-learning is what is commonly know as Rapid E-learning, a fast-produced e-learning built from prefabricated templates, with the purpose of being simple, fast and easy to change. Education concept with Rapid e-learning is primarily used when a company needs their employees to quickly get knowledge about a specific subject. A common scenario for certifications, changes in production, etc. In more advanced e-learning, it is common to use several different technologies and pedagogical approaches to improve the quality of the education and increase the interest and motivation of the participant. At StageIT we have experience from all types of solutions, from the simplest e-learning to complete blended learning concept.

We believe that good e-learning can be done in several ways but it is important to always have a clear goal and a strong focus on the pedagogics. The technical solutions are there to strengthen and clarify the pedagogical message. The challenge is to make the training interesting and motivating, so the student embrace the new knowledge effectively.

Creating motivated students is a major driving force in our company and something we always strive for. If the e-learning is boring there is a great risk that the participant just click through the e-learning without reflecting upon the subject. To visualize the content with 3D animations and instructional videos is a good way to make the education interesting. Another way that has proved to be very successful is to use serious gaming pedagogy; this involves using modules based on games in the education. We have used this method with great success in many of our productions.

Case # 1 Almondy AB – Induction training for new employees
Almondy AB needed a way to simplify and streamline the introduction of new employees and temporary staff at their factory. Based on the goals and values that were developed and decided during the start-up workshop, it was determined that StageIT would develop an e-learning where much of the basic rules and the instructions could be worked through before the new employee came to the factory. Important documents and regulations would also be accessible and validated through the e-learning so that they would be able to start working immediately when arriving at the factory. To make the training more interesting for the target audience, we used a large portion of serious gaming. Animations in 3D where also used to reinforces the message and enhance the educational experience. The concept have been greatly appreciated by both the customer and the users.

Case # 2 Bring Express Ltd – Driver training in customer relations
Bring needed an e-learning that quickly taught their drivers how to treat the customers when performing a delivery. We developed an e-learning that takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and that in a simple and pedagogical way explains how to act, and why it is important to treat the customer properly. The customer is very satisfied with the product and it been translated in to all the Nordic languages.

Contact us if you are interested to know more about how we work and how we can help you with e-learning. You can look at examples from our past productions at our portfolio page.