We create trainings driven by curiosity and challenges!

Our office is located near forests and nature, but our assignments and our network embrace the entire world.

A forest is not only a large number of trees, but a complex and dynamic ecosystem where all parts are interconnected, interdependent and influence each other.

We’re convinced that the best training programmes should be created in the same way to trigger the participants’ curiosity and challenge their knowledge and thoughts.

In order for trainings to have the desired, long-lasting effect, we always start by building up an understanding of human behaviours and attitudes as well as learning and thought processes. One could say that our roots are anchored in the soil of cognitive science, but our branches extend through the vast digital landscape and beyond the traditional training horizon.

What can we help you with?

Have you been assigned the task to create a training programme and need help to develop it? Or maybe you want a digital solution for your training?

We can support you in the development of everything – from strategy, concepts, and structuring of content to exercises and tailor-made interactive, digital solutions.

We boost your trainings by creating engagement through gamification, scenario branching, escape rooms, quizzes, challenges, polls, etc. – in analogue or digital format.

We also offer follow-up, reports and statistics of your training activities.

Training concept

We can take a holistic approach to your training needs or help you with selected measures.

  • Concept brainstorming/advisor
  • Concept development and training formats
  • Help with the structuring of a training activity
  • Help with creating exercises, interactivity, challenges, educational games
  • Help to develop a full training ‘from start to finish’

Digital solutions

The choice of training platform is based on what you want to achieve.

  • E-learnings
  • Educational games (Edutainment)
  • Quizzes
  • Native Apps (iOS/Android)
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality in training
  • Learning Management System (LMS)


We have delivered a variety of training solutions, covering sustainability, digitalisation, tourism/hospitality, communication, accessibility, diversity, product training, change management and sales.

Escape game

A hybrid between digital training and classroom training. The training begins with the participants being divided into teams and with a storytelling introduction they are given the task of saving the company’s future and taking the leading position in the industry. This educational game combines participants discovery and exploration with triggering and challenging tasks. Participants must transform knowledge into keys to unlock different gates and thereby move on with the assignment. Strong teamwork is required and in some cases also co-operation between the teams is needed to solve this challenge.
Client: Volvo Trucks / A+A Communication

Training in sustainability

Web-based training in environmental, economic and social sustainability. The target group is everyone who works in the hospitality sector in Halland region to strengthen their sustainability work. Theory is mixed with interviews, exercises for in-depth understanding, tips and reflections on one’s own work situation. The training is developed for both PCs and smartphones and can be carried out in groups or individually.
Client: Region Halland

Digital board game

A training where game motivation triggers continued learning in a number of subject areas. The participant chooses a game character and gets to know the character’s business and operations. The game character is navigated around the digital game board and is faced with various knowledge questions and events. If the questions are answered correctly, the character is rewarded, while the wrong answer means lost income and a risk that the character’s operations go bankrupt. The game is structured with several knowledge and subject levels to suit the level of knowledge of different participants.
Client: Volvo Trucks / A+A Communication

Training on the foundation of digitalisation

Web-based training that addresses various aspects of digitalisation in healthcare – what are the concerns, what are the benefits, what does digitalisation mean for healthcare workers, how does it affect care recipients, what ethical aspects must be taken into account and what does a possible future development look like? The target group is the healthcare sector workers in Halland region. The training is based on thoughts and reflections from various representatives of the target group.
Client: University in Halmstad/Region Halland

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