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Digitalising training for Transport Managers across Europe

Co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, the e-ManTRA project aims to equip trainings for transport managers all over Europe with effective and inclusive tools, training material and teaching methods to ensure distance teaching and online learning, continuous learner monitoring as well as the evaluation of achieved learning outcomes.

Context of the e-ManTRA project

The e-ManTRA project was initiated in autumn 2020 to respond to the situation generated by Covid-19 and to prepare for digital education. Transport & Logistics (T&L) trainings were indeed strongly impacted by the sudden transition to 100% distance learning. In France, a Carif-Oref survey on training during the first lockdown showed that 75% of T&L training has been suspended, one of the highest rates.

The e-ManTRA project concentrates on trainings for transport managers at level 5 of the European qualifications framework (EQF) as this person plays a key role in T&L companies and manages the organisation of transport, drivers and customer relations.

Main objectives

The e-ManTRA project intends to:

  • Guide learners and teachers for an optimised digital learning experience
  • Improve digital education readiness through the provision of free (OER) and inclusive online tools and innovative resources for training providers
  • Allow for flexible combinations of a distance, blended and in-class learning offer
  • Provide teachers with useful decision-making tools to design and implement innovative training approaches specifically tailored to digital learning needs
  • Overcome the hurdles of the Covid-19 pandemic by facilitating distance learning formats

Expected results

  1. Guide with innovative pedagogies for the implementation of inclusive distance or blended training
  2. Guidance material to help students in EQF level 5 trainings in T&L in Europe to adapt to online/distance learning
  3. Three innovative digital resources on, among other things, the CSR changes related to the entry into force of the Mobility Package
  • Virtual multi-user environment for group work
  • Digital version of an educational card game on CSR
  • An online escape game
  1. Experimentation of the teaching resources and tools in real life, evaluation and recommendations


The consortium is composed of seven complementary partners from six European countries (Finland, France, Germany, Romania, Spain and Sweden) representing different groups of stakeholders and beneficiaries:

  • 1 sectoral association in charge of developing training in T&L
  • 2 national training providers with own pedagogical engineering departments
  • 1 network of training providers
  • 2 public high schools
  • 1 SME developing e-learning tools

For more information, visit our website: https://e-mantra.eu/

Follow us: https://twitter.com/eManTRAproject https://www.linkedin.com/company/72736318/admin/

Contact: Andreas SIlfverberg, +46 31 339 45 50, andreas(@)stageit.se

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