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Driving simulator

Simulators are a great way to showcase large and complex machines in an easy and efficient way.

At trade shows and events there is often the need to show and demonstrate the appearance and functions of a product for visitors. A simulator makes it easier, cheaper and often more educational! When we create driving simulators we like to use a technically simple concept. This in turn makes maintenance a lot easier and cost can be reduced to one tenth compared to traditional simulators. Money that can be invested in a well-considered and well-designed software. Unlike large simulators where graphics and simulation itself often comes second since focus have to be put on the syncing between multiple computers, moving platforms and full-scale cabins. When creating the software we start with what the customer wants to achieve with the product. We almost always base our products on an edutainment concept with serious gaming pedagogy. This approach means that we mix computer games elements in to the simulation, resulting in a simple and entertaining experience of the product. With our concept, you can concentrate on the message and avoid technical problems! Case # 1 Simulator for safety features in vehicles A car manufacturer wanted to demonstrate a number of new security features that they would launch in their vehicles. They wanted something that showcased the new features and the benefits the customers receive from them. Here it was appropriate with a very simple approach for the simulator. The customers could try the different features by being put into the situations in which the systems are assisting. This enabled the usefulness of the new security features to be conveniently displayed for the customers – without any risk of injury. Case # 2 Simulator for heavy construction driving The customer needed to showcase the benefits of their new automatic gearbox and how it can be used. They needed a product that would be portable and work on exhibitions and events while providing a convincing feeling of the product’s strengths. To solve this, we built a game-like simulator, where visitors got a chance to compete against each other in heavy construction driving while they were pedagogically instructed in how the new transmission works. The customer is very satisfied with the product which has now been translated into several languages and used at trade shows worldwide. Do you have complicated machinery or vehicles you want to demonstrate to customers in an interesting and entertaining way? Tell us about your needs and we will develop a suitable solution for you. Please take a look at our portfolio for exampels of our previous work.