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Multimedia event

StageIT has successfully delivered technical solutions for trade fairs and events since 2001.

We put together technical solutions based on the customer’s needs in order to attract people to their stand and show them the client’s products and services in an easy and attractive way. When we develop applications for our customers, we normally work with “edutainment” as the foundation. Right now are apps for mobile devices very popular. However, we have a long experience of building far more advanced products. We have built several driving simulators for vehicle manufacturers based in the west of Sweden. Here we have used a combination of serious gaming pedagogic and edutainment with great success. If your company has “hard-to-explain” products and services, a 3D-simulation is great way to easily demonstrate how they work. We have also made many variations where visitors actively compete with or against each other in various ways. A good example of this is the “speed quiz” that involves three people answering questions about the client’s products. At the same time their progress is displayed virtually in a drag racing game so everyone can follow their progress. A fun competition gives participants a positive experience of the display, people like to compete! Another example is our multitasking station. The customer wanted an entertaining way to demonstrate human’s limitations in multitasking. (An ability that many people overestimate, especially in traffic). For this purpose, we built a very simple simulation in which the participants drive along a winding road while being instructed to press different buttons. The product was highly appreciated by the visitors, and the customer was 100% satisfied with the technical reliability and its performance. It worked very well as an entertaining “eye opener” for people. Whether you want an app or a full-scale simulator, we can help you to easily demonstrate your products and get more visitors to your stand. If you want to know more, contact us! Please take a look at our portfolio for examples of our previous work.