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Apps (applications) for portable mobile devices such as smartphones (iPhone, android) and tablets (iPad, tabs) is a market that has grown exponentially in recent years.

When we build apps, we always start with what the customer wants to achieve with the app. We can build everything from advanced games to simple sales-apps that allows the user to demonstrate their products and services in a simple and easy way. Case # 1: Unifaun Unifaun have a complex chain of products and services, they needed a product that in an easy and visual way could show how these fit together. It was important that the product graphically communicated the entire chain of their services, in a very clear way. We built a “Sales support for web and mobile devices” the product is a web-based app that starts from the core of their product portfolio. Around it, we added the different services. The result was a”product wheel” that in a graphic way communicates how their complex products and services are interrelated. The product is currently being used by their sales staff. Case # 2: Gothenburg City Museum Gothenburg City Museum wanted an app for a project aimed at creating more communication in the districts. They simply wanted to get people to speak up about their neighborhood. We developed a simple app where visitors recorded a short video message in which they provide a viewpoint on a current issue, which they then can share with others. This worked very well and the product has been very popular. Are you interested in an app for your company? Contact us! Please take a look at our portfolio for examples of our previous work.